Local Bloom Movement

The purpose of the activity (Local Bloom Movement) is to support the development of people living in disadvantaged settlements and improve their community-building ability through the cooperation of university students (mentors) and school pupils (mentorees).
Within the framework of the project, a Mentoring Scheme Concept will be developed for the implementation of the Local Bloom Movement


Mentoring Scheme Concept

mailMentoring Scheme Concept (in Hungarian lang.) UPLOAD IS IN PROCESS
mailMentoring Schem Concept (in Slovak lang.) UPLOAD IS IN PROCESS


Local Bloom Movement

The Local Bloom Movement aims to contribute to the socio-economic rehabilitation of the Slovakian-Hungarian border villages and village groups with significant backwardness and disadvantages through a special work structure, through the extremely colorful and, above all, the honest relations of the university-village and students.

The Movement is not a pedagogical institution, but a voluntary university and civil activity where students, educators and researchers, based on their own work experiences, support the children of the disadvantaged schools. Success basically depends on the professional management of mentors, local school management and teachers, and the supportive cooperation between parents and the local mayor.

The design identifies three major innovative objectives that are expected to contribute more effectively to the neglect of the problems in the region by approaching local issues with a novel approach:

1. Change of view: Every aspect of a project implementation must be transformed into the idea of ​​"Thinking Globally and Acting Locally"

2. Solving innovative methodological tasks:
- designing and preparing smart communities for operation,
- involvment the necessary and presently missing KFI and educational knowledge and experience in the regions,
- research, knowledge and application of related good practices (European and national)
- exploring the problems of local society, developing and piloting innovative solutions for responding to local needs (pilot) to solve the problems typical of a given region, to compensate for the disadvantages of the population's social status and territorial features.

3. Mentoring work and career orientation:
- Structure of Local Bloom Work Structure: Mentor-student; University; school; mayor; parents; researcher; NGOs; population cooperation,
- cycle work according to cycle programs, group work,
- career orientation practices (consultations): system and ICT knowledge; economic and social development; factory visits; business and institution visits; labor market knowledge, environmental knowledge...etc.
- life-cycle construction, per person.


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