Smart ICT Competence Center

Within the framework of the activity
(1) we create centers: 2 ICT Competence Centers in Salgotarjan and Fil'akovo and 1 Sustainability Instructor Garden in Somoskőújfalu
(2) we will further develop the Train the Trainers Course Booklet by using the experiences of the School Clubs already held in the project - Digital Magia Document
(3) we are preparing the Concept of Smart Competence Center
(4) we organize ICT cross-border competitions (INFOPROG)



I. ICT Competence Center in Salgótarján
   Adress: Úttörők Road 6., Salgótarján HU-3100






ICT cross-border competition

Date: 19th April, 2018 – 20th April, 2018
Location: Gymnázium Fiľakovo, Námestie padlých 
hrdinov 657/2, 986 01 Fiľakovo

INFOPROG 2018 is a cross-border informatics competition for Hungarian-language secondary school students in the Carpathian Basin. The competition is an individual competition for 9-12 grade students.
Students compete in a programmer or user category.
The final of the competition is preceded by a correspondence round. The correspondent rounds are held through the e-learning website of the competition. Contestants will be invited to the final of the competition on the basis of the results they have achieved. The final of the competition lasts two days.

The decisive parts are: programming competition, user competition, presentation competitions, school competitions, treasure hunt. We organize information technology lectures during the competition.

The competition website:


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