Smart Communities 1.0


Project title


"Smart Communities" Virtual Education and Research and Development and Innovation Network

in the Slovakian - Hungarian border region



Priority axis: PT4 - Improving cross-border cooperation between public institutions and people living in the border area

Specific objective: SC4.1 Improving the level of cross-border interinstitutional cooperation and broadening cross-border cooperation between citizens.



Project consortium:

Interindustria Knowledge Center Foundation, Consortium Leader


Szent Istvan University

University of Technology in Košice

Research Center for Economics and Regional Studies of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences

Community for Renewable Countryside Association

ASTRA - Innovation and innovation

Gymnasium - Gymnasium Fiľakovo


The target area of ​​the project can be characterized as the 'periphery of the periphery' and, despite previous traditional rural development interventions, with deteriorating economic and social indicators at both county and micro-regional levels (eg GDP, unemployment, employment, migration, shrinking communities, inefficient use of natural resources, level of education, added value).

The overall objective of the project is to make a significant contribution to the increase of intellectual capital in the disadvantaged border region of southern Slovakia and northern Hungary by establishing and disseminating innovative cooperation structures resulting in the practical application of social innovation.

Our goal is to build a network of civil partners, training and research institutions, and to organize and implement joint professional programs, trainings and mentoring systems with the participation of our target groups, who range from early childhood to retirees, including a large number of socially marginalized people.

Our main outputs are to create two sustainable cooperation systems at project level, namely a (1) Virtual Training and R & D & I Network and a (2) Smart ICT Competence Center. With the help of these and as a result, the project can offer realistic and feasible career alternatives to the target group, who are the socially marginalized population of the border area.

Our concept is to enable the region to break out of its fixed handicap through activities based on endogenous development and ‘smart communities’ rather than intensive industrial relocation. The priority sectors of the project are training and R & D & I, with a thematic focus on (1) sustainability and (2) info-communication technologies.

A cross-border approach is particularly needed, as action at national / regional / local level alone would only further increase regional disparities and inequalities, which are clearly not objectives at either political or project level.


Project budget:  453 074.03 EUR

Project start and planned completion: May 1, 2017 - April 30, 2019


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