Smart Communities 2.0


Project title


Smart Communities 2.0 - How to be smart in the countryside?



Program: Interreg V-Slovakia-Hungary Cooperation Program

Priority axis: PT4 - Improving cross-border cooperation between public institutions and people living in the border area


Specific objective:

SC4.1 | Improving the level of cross-border interinstitutional cooperation and broadening cross-border cooperation between citizens

SC4.1.2 Development of new cross - border services


Project consortium:

Interindustria Knowledge Center Foundation, Consortium Leader

Eötvös Loránd University

Technická univerzita v Košiciach (Technical University of Košice)


The basic concept of the project is that ‘smart’ is not the prerogative of cities; sustainable prosperity can also be achieved in rural areas using the latest technologies. This requires developing local communities and engaging them in a global, increasingly digital world. Based on the results of the successful pre-project, the implementation of two main groups of activities was planned: the Smart Village cross-border services and the Smart Village knowledge transfer.

The main goal is to support the smartness of rural settlements through the development of specific cross-border services. This is what the Smart Village Compass, based on the Catalog of Good Practices to be developed, serves, showing what tools and activities villages can be ‘smart’ step by step.

In addition, the Smart Database and Helpdesk, as a one-stop shop, make all relevant and up-to-date information available in one place, connecting villages with relevant opportunities as well as competent advisors.

Based on the developed services, knowledge transfer to villages is implemented, the target groups of which are local communities: local institutions - decision-makers, civic and economic organizations - for Smart Village pilot courses and Smart Academies, and the local population - old and young - Mobile. ICT Center trainings, the study trips of the Regional Flower Movement and the Settlement Development Hackathon competition.

As a final step to measure and compare the development of villages, a new motivational service will be developed and introduced in the form of the Smart Village Award, which is based on the Smart Village Indicator System developed and tested jointly by the Slovak-Hungarian partners.


The target area of the project is Nógrád county, Banská Bystrica and Košice districts, similarly to the target area of the pre-project.


Project budget:  178 692 EUR

Project start and planned completion: 1 October 2020 - 31 January 2022


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