SMART COMMUNITIES 2.0 - 3. Newsletter


Smart Communities 2.0 - How to be smart in the countryside?  (SKHU/1902/4.1/027) project aims to provide concrete solutions to help municipalities in the project's target area, i.e. Nógrád County and the districts of Banská Bystrica and Košice, to become smart.

This tangible assistance is provided through the products developed during the project, the Good Practice Catalogue and the Roadmap. These are complemented by the other pillar of the project, the support and motivation services linked to the products. The Smart Database and the ongoing one-stop Helpdesk service will provide general and locally tailored information. Smart villages will be motivated through the launch of the Smart Village Award, which is based on an evaluation and rating system, building on the Smart Village Indicator System.  However, there is more than one winner of this award, as many villages have already taken steps to become smart, and their efforts will be recognised in the programme.

A system of products and services that build on each other and complement each other will provide municipalities with a complex programme.


Topics for Newsletter nr.3:

  • Concept of the project's products and services
  • Good Practice Catalogue
  • Roadmap for Local Communities
  • Handbook - Opportunities for local authorities to use the Internet
  • Available soon: Helpdesk Platform

SMART COMMUNITIES 2.0 - 3. Newsletter

Project products and services for motivated villages

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May 2024

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