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"Every human being is born into two universes: the physical reality and the cyber world."

(Marcel Danesi, Canadian anthropologist;


In the 21st century, the Internet is widespread and has become a dominant tool in our daily lives. The possibilities offered by the Internet are slowly becoming limitless, and today there are plenty of websites offering a myriad of services, making it difficult to navigate or even find. Numerous conversations, interviews, and media news in recent years have shown us that this is also true in the case of local governments.

The purpose of this volume is to help Hungarian and Slovak municipalities to use the opportunities provided by the Internet as widely as possible. Recently, in this volume, we have collected and grouped the websites that we have found useful for municipalities, us, and others. The structure of the volume is characterized by the fact that we have divided this knowledge into topics, as follows: municipal statistical databases, popular information websites, institutions-organizations, communication, marketing, administration, partnership, and awards.

At the beginning of each chapter, we have given a short description that shows why and how it is expedient to deal with the given topic (three: in English, Hungarian, and Slovak). This is followed by a tabulation of each website and its key features, including how to use it. In the chapters where there are national specialties, of course, the Hungarian and Slovak websites appear separately, where there is a common international opportunity, there is no separate Hungarian and Slovak page, only a description of their use.

By trying out the individual websites and their services, there are sure to be some that will be a useful tool for the given local government, and so we hope that this work will increase the efficiency of local governments and thus strengthen the use of the Internet tools and their Internet presence.


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