Szent István University

Rector: Dr. László Palkovics
Vice-dean: Dr. Henrietta Nagy

SZIE, one of Hungary’s most prominent institutions of higher education, consists of 8 different faculties for study and research hosting. 14,000 students. Courses are offered in a wide variety of subjects ranging from natural sciences, engineering, business, economics, social sciences. Programs are available at every level from vocational training to PhD. The Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences, as the largest faculty of the University would be the partner in the project. With over 4,000 students and nearly 300 international students, is the largest at the university. It deals with education, research, adult training and extension The staff involved in the project is specialized in regional development and belongs primarily to the Institute of Regional Economics and Rural Development, where each lecturer has PhD title. The have had extended experience in teaching and research, have been involved in several national and international projects and strategy-making.


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May 2024

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